Space Adventures Press Release |

November 15, 1999 |

Acquisition Creates World’s Largest Space Adventure, Travel and Tourism Agency

Seattle, WA and Alexandria, VA – Space Adventures Ltd., a privately-held company
founded by two of the world’s premier travel companies, Omega World Travel (Fairfax, VA),
and Quark Expeditions (Darien, CT), today announced that it has acquired the Space Voyages
division of adventure travel leader Zegrahm Expeditions (Seattle, WA) and 100 percent of its

The acquisition was announced at the Space Frontier Foundation’s Space Enterprise
Symposium, being held at Seattle’s Museum of Flight. The merging of the assets of these two
companies – the only companies currently offering “trips to space,” — now makes Space
Adventures the world’s largest and undoubtedly the premier space and space-related
adventure travel company.

“We are thrilled to have joined forces, but it’s really our customers that win big. Combining
the talents, hard work, and resources of our two companies will bring space travel to the
public even faster,” said Eric Anderson, Vice President & General Manager of Space
Adventures. “We share the same principal goal – make space tourism a reality for citizen

Aerospace analysts and consultants agree that recent advancements in aerospace and computer
technologies are bringing ever closer the time when citizens will travel into space. Some
predict that several rockets will be developed over the next few years to transport people
comfortably to and from space.

“For Zegrahm, this transfer is strictly a positive business decision that allows us to further
concentrate on core products, while ensuring that our clients will travel into space sooner than
before,” said Werner Zehnder. “We are very pleased to be transferring ownership of the Space
Voyages project to Space Adventures – a premier company with a proven track record of
operating terrestrial space travel programs.” Zehnder will continue to play a role in the space
tourism business as he joins Space Adventures’ Advisory Board.

Additionally, Space Adventures is proud to continue working with Vela Technology
Development, Inc. (Fairfax, VA) to market travel on their innovative Space CruiserTM System.
The Space Cruiser package will be the “first-class” sub-orbital flight experience offered by
Space Adventures, which has representation agreements with several other launch vehicle
development companies.

About Space Adventures, Ltd.
Space Adventures, Ltd. is the world’s premier space travel and tourism agency. Founded by
astronauts and adventure travel pioneers, Space Adventures offers a broad spectrum of
educational and adventure space experience programs. Programs available today include the
Steps to Space™ adventure travel programs: Zero-gravity flights, rides at 2.5 times the speed
of sound to the edge of space in high-altitude fighter jets, and exclusive tours of the world’s
space and astronomy facilities, institutions and centers. Space Adventures also has partnered
with the world’s most innovative rocket development companies, which are planning actual
tourist flights into space within the next three years. The company’s advisory board includes
Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin, shuttle astronauts Kathy Thornton, Charles Walker,
Norm Thagard, Byron Lichtenberg, and Skylab astronaut Owen Garriott.

For more information or for reservations, call 1-888-85-SPACE or 703-524-7172 outside the
United States. Or visit our web site at