Docking and arrival

Within a few hours of launch the Soyuz spacecraft, catches up with and docks with the International Space Station. This is a maneuver of balletic precision – two vehicles now traveling over 17,000 mph, 250 miles above the Earth’s surface, gently come together and create an air-tight seal.

Life on the ISS

While on the International Space Station, MZ and Yozo will share their reactions to living life in weightlessness.

Undocking and departure ceremonies

After 10 days in space, having completed over 150 orbits of earth, and travelled nearly 4 million miles. MZ’s time in space will come to an end. He, Yozo and their mission commander will get back into their Soyuz spacecraft, undock from the ISS. In order to return to Earth they need to slow their vehicle down, which accomplished by a series of de-orbit burns of their spacecraft’s engines, before completing their landing under parachute in Kazakhstan.