Only 24 people have ever left Earth orbit and journeyed close to the Moon.  The last people to walk on the Moon were Gene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt, who left the Moon’s surface on December 14, 1972 and returned to Earth in their Apollo spacecraft.  Since then no one has been closer to the Moon than low-Earth orbit.  We will change that.

Using flight-proven Russian space vehicles we will fly two private citizens and one professional cosmonaut on a free return trajectory around the far side of the Moon.  They will come to within a few hundred kilometers of the Moon’s surface.  If you chose to join this Circumlunar mission you will see the illuminated far side of the Moon, and then witness the amazing sight of the Earth rising above the surface of the Moon. 

Mankind can only progress to become a space faring race by taking the small steps necessary to reduce the costs of access to space.  This mission will be one of those small, but very significant steps.

“This mission is a unique opportunity for a private citizen to become one of the great explorers of the 21st Century.” – Buzz Aldrin

  • Join the greatest private expedition of our time
  • Fly to within a few hundred kilometers of the Moon’s surface
  • Become one of the first people to leave low-Earth orbit in over 40 years
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    The Space Adventures team has designed a circumlunar mission using a unique combination of Russian technology.

    You will begin your journey to the far side of the Moon by first launching into space aboard a Russian spacecraft. You will dock with the International Space Station where you will live and adapt to life in space for approximately 10 days. A second rocket will launch a Lunar Module comprising of a lunar living module and a propulsion module. Your spacecraft will rendezvous with the Lunar Module in low-Earth orbit.

    The combination of your spacecraft and the Lunar Module will provide ample living space for your approximately six day journey, and the fuel required for you to leave low-Earth orbit. Once all systems have been checked out the engines will fire and you will start your majestic journey.


    The price of the spaceflight depends on the timing and the exact mission profile. Please contact us for further details.