Amazing views from the International Space Station

Whether you are looking back on Earth or up into space, the views from on-board the International Space Station are truly breathtaking. We found the below images in the archive of NASA astronaut Scott Kelly’s year-long mission to the International Space Station, and thought they were too good not to share. Scott launched aboard a Soyuz spacecraft from the Baikonur [...]

Apr 10, 2019|

A New Day is Rising

Crew Dragon approaching the International Space Station during demonstration the flight on March 3, 2019. As we congratulate SpaceX on the success of the launch and docking of Crew Demo-1, we wish them continued success in completing this critical test flight. Eight years ago, NASA ceased their Space Shuttle program leaving the space agency reliant on other vehicles [...]

Mar 3, 2019|

Commercial Spaceflight in 2019 — An exciting year ahead!

Space exploration can often be a waiting game. Significant advancement does not happen quickly as the technology required is complex, and the costs of innovation are high. There is an expression in the UK, where I grew up, that any public transport user can relate to and goes something like, “You wait ages for your bus, and three turn up [...]

Feb 11, 2019|

7 things everyone should know about the International Space Station

  1.    It’s in low-Earth orbit The ISS is in low-Earth orbit.  This means that even though it is in space it is still subject to Earth’s gravity and is falling back to Earth, but it is traveling at such speed (approx. 17,500 mile per hour) that it is actually falling around Earth.  It is typically 250 miles above the [...]

Jul 20, 2018|

ISS Cupola – a room with an extraordinary view

Positioned on the Earth facing side of the International Space Station (ISS) the Cupola provides extraordinary views of the Earth.  The Cupola juts out from the main structure of the ISS and has six side windows and one large center window, which allow astronauts to look both along the ISS to the horizon, and directly down onto Earth below.  The [...]

Apr 9, 2018|

Soyuz spacecraft – success through continual improvement

Today, there are only two vehicles that can carry humans into space.  One is the Russian Soyuz, the other is the Chinese Shenzhou (see below). Only Chinese professional astronauts (or taikonauts) are allowed to fly on the Shenzhou, but the Russian Soyuz has flown private and professional astronauts from all over the world. The Soyuz currently flies four times per year [...]

Mar 27, 2018|

Soyuz Rocket – successfully launching humans to space for over 40 years.

Soyuz Rocket The Soyuz spacecraft launches on the Soyuz rocket, which like the spacecraft has a long track record of successful operation.  First flown in 1966, Soyuz rockets in various configurations are used to launch payload such as cargo to the ISS, satellites to geo-stationary orbits and deep space expeditions, as well as the Soyuz manned spacecraft. The Soyuz [...]

Apr 18, 2017|

Reasons you should fly to space

At Space Adventures we are often asked why private citizens should fly to space.  So I asked our previous spaceflight client, Richard Garriott, who spent 12 days on the International Space Station in 2008.  Here is his response. ------------------------------------------------------- By Richard Garriott Private Space Explorer Since the beginning of our time on Earth, mankind has looked up at the sky [...]

10 Best Photos of Earth Taken By Astronauts

Pictures Taken From Space Provide a Look into the Space Travel Experience Since the first astronauts returned with photos showing our planet from a new perspective, our desire to see amazing images of Earth continues unabated.  Technology now allows professional astronauts and visitors to the International Space Station to snap a photo in space and tweet it to the world [...]

Oct 7, 2014|

Taking the Next Step for Mankind

Forty-Five Years After the First Landing, Sights are Set for the Moon Once Again. On July 20, 1969 (45 years ago on Sunday), Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first people to set foot on the moon. This momentous feat was repeated five more times, yet no one has been on the moon or in lunar orbit since the [...]

Jul 18, 2014|
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