Pictures Taken From Space Provide a Look into the Space Travel Experience

Since the first astronauts returned with photos showing our planet from a new perspective, our desire to see amazing images of Earth continues unabated.  Technology now allows professional astronauts and visitors to the International Space Station to snap a photo in space and tweet it to the world in just a few minutes. We’ve rounded up some of the best “out-of-this-world” shots.


earth rise


Source: NASA

A majestic view of Earth “rising” above the Moon’s surface as taken by astronaut Bill Anders on the Apollo 8 mission in 1968.

Earth Art

earth art

Source: Alexander Gerst

This river in Kazakhstan was the focus of a picture by German astronaut Alexander Gerst.

The Blue Marble

blue marble

Source: NASA

A stunning image of our planet suspended in space taken during the Apollo 17 missionin 1972.This image of the fully illuminated Earth was the first of its kind, and has become one of the most widely distributed photographic images ever.

Aurora Australis


Source: NASA

The best view of an aurora is from above. One of the crew members of ISS Expedition 40 captured this image on July 15, 2014.

The Ultimate Selfie


Source: Tracy Caldwell Dyson / NASA

Astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson uses a mounted camera to take a self-portrait against a spectacular background of Earth in the cupola on board the ISS.

A Different Perspective

diff perspective

Souce: Alexander Gerst

Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand as seen from above by Alexander Gerst on the ISS.

Atlantic Sunrise

atl sunrise

Source: Reid Wiseman

Reid Wiseman caught this amazing sunrise reflecting off the Atlantic Ocean as the ISS flew over Argentina.

Out for a Spacewalk

out spacewalk

Picture courtesy of NASA

Missions on the outside of the ISS provide an unparalleled view of Earth below.

Night Lights

night lights

Source: Reid Wiseman

Astronaut Reid Wiseman captured these two Soyuz spacecraft docked to the ISS, hanging over the lights of Europe.

Eye of the Storm

eye storm

Source: NASA

Seen from above, the weather can create beautiful images. A crew member from Expedition 40 captured this picture of Typhoon Halong.