The International Space Station (ISS) is mankind’s only permanently manned outpost. In low-Earth orbit it circles the Earth every 90 minutes.

A visit to the ISS is like no other experience.  When you reach Earth orbit you will be traveling at 17,500 miles per hour, over 250 miles above the Earth’s surface and you will be weightless, floating inside your spacecraft.

Space Adventures has arranged all nine of the flights to space completed by private citizens to date. All of our clients have flown to the International Space Station on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, and have lived and worked alongside professional astronauts for 10 days or more.

Since the dawn of manned spaceflight, over 600 people have traveled to space – we are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to be the next.

  • Circle the Earth every 90 minutes.
  • Marvel at the Earth from 250 miles above
  • Become one of the first 600 people to have ever flown to space

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    The International Space Station is permanently crewed by professional astronauts from the space station partner countries.  The size of the crew ranges from 4 to up to 12 professional astronauts.  It has an internal volume approximately the same size as a Boeing 777 aircraft, so there is plenty of space for privacy when needed.

    More about the International Space Station in our Guide to the ISS or our Blog post – 7 things everyone should know about the ISS.


    You will spend approximately 10 days in space, during which time you are principally free to do as you choose. Space Adventures has developed a suite of mission programs you can elect to participate in focusing on science education, ongoing human factor research or commercial activities.  Contact us to learn more. 


    Yozo Hirano

    Launch date: December 8, 2021

    Time in space: 14 days

    Born in Ehime Prefecture, Japan in 1985. Yozo joined ZOZO Co. Ltd shortly after graduating from university, in charge of management and casting director of the photography team. After leaving ZOZO, he started working as a producer and manager for MZ’s private projects, including filming for MZ’s youtube channel. On the ISS, Yozo was responsible for filming MZ during their stay.

    Yusaku Maezawa

    Launch date: December 8, 2021

    Time in space: 14 days

    Yusaku Maezawa, or MZ. is a Japanese e-commerce entrepreneur and world renowned art collector. After high school he became a drummer in a rock band, and an avid record collector. His record collection became the foundation of his first company. His mail order business transformed into an online business, which lead him to own and run Start Today, a publicly traded online retail clothing business, which he eventually sold to Yahoo Japan in 2019.

    His Contemporary Art Collection is considered one of the finest in the world, and includes works of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jeff Koons.

    In September 2018 MZ announced his intention to fly on the SpaceX Starship, along with a number of guests, around the Moon in a project entitled #DearMoon. The flight is slated to take place no earlier than 2023.

    MZ also has a strong social media following, and holds social media records, including for the most retweets. He uses his social media presence to promote his personal philanthropy, at one point giving away 1 million yen ($9,300) to over 1000 randomly selected followers.

    Guy Laliberte

    Launch date: September 30, 2009

    Time in space: 11 days

    Guy Laliberté was born in Québec City in 1959. An accordionist, stilt-walker and fire-eater, he founded the now world famous Cirque du Soleil in 1984. Guy Laliberté was the first to orchestrate the marriage of cultures and artistic and acrobatic disciplines that is the hallmark of Cirque du Soleil. Since 1984, he has guided the creative team through the creation of every show and contributed to elevating the circus arts to the level of the great artistic disciplines. Cirque du Soleil has become an international organization, as much in terms of its makeup as in the scope of its activities and influence. Guy Laliberté now heads an organization with activities on five continents.

    In October 2007, Guy Laliberté entered into a second lifetime commitment by creating the ONE DROP Foundation to fight poverty around the world by providing sustainable access to safe water. This new dream stems from the knowledge that the right to water is key to the survival of individuals and communities all over the world and from the values which have been at the heart of Cirque du Soleil since its inception: the belief that life gives back what you have given and even the smallest gesture will make a difference.

    Guy Laliberte became Space Adventures’ seventh private spaceflight client, and first Canadian private space explorer when he launched to space on Wednesday September 30th. During his stay in space Guy embarked on the first “poetic social mission” with the aim of raising awareness for the ONE DROP Foundation. Guy hosted a 2 hour live from space event with stars from across the world coming together at live events in 14 cities around the world. Artists and world-renowned personalities who came together to raise awareness of the importance of access to clean water, included former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, Peter Gabriel, Shakira, and U2

    Charles Simonyi

    Launch date: April 7, 2007 and March 26, 2009

    Time in space: 25 daysAbout Charles and his spaceflight

    Dr. Charles Simonyi began dreaming about spaceflight at an early age. Charles’ boyhood interest in space resulted in his selection as Hungary’s Jr. Astronaut at age 13, for which he won a trip to Moscow and met one of the first cosmonauts, Pavel Popovich. Today, Dr. Simonyi is a trained pilot in multi-engine aircraft with current licenses in jets and helicopters and more than 2,000 hours of flying time.

    Dr. Simonyi’s goals for both his missions was to advance civilian space flight, assist space station research, and involve the world’s youth in the science of space travel. He is convinced that one day, humans will travel and live comfortably in space. Charles documented both his spaceflights extensively on his mission website,

    “You know, every part had its highlights, and they just kept coming and coming. Arriving at the space station, for example. I knew that that would be magic, and it was beyond my wildest dreams.”

    — Dr. Charles Simonyi

    Richard Garriot

    Launch date: October, 2008

    Time in space: 12 days

    Richard Garriott, the legendary video game programmer and designer became the sixth private citizen to conduct a space mission aboard the International Space Station in the Fall of 2008. Richard followed in the footsteps of his father, Owen Garriott a former NASA astronaut and became America’s first “second generation” astronaut. While Owen joined the NASA astronaut corps and completed two space missions during his career, Richard has helped to usher in another new era in manned space exploration.

    Richard’s main objective for his mission was to encourage commercial participation. By fostering the involvement of individuals, companies and organizations in his spaceflight Richard hoped to demonstrate that there is commercial potential in private space exploration, while furthering the understanding of space. Richard demonstrated this by taking on various commercial projects, corporate sponsors for his mission activities and by helping companies market their products though their association with an actual space mission.

    Anousheh Ansari

    Launch date: September 18, 2006

    Time in space: 12 days

    An active proponent of world-changing technologies, Anousheh Ansari has dreamed of space exploration since childhood, and her family provided the title sponsorship for the Ansari X Prize. A living example of the American dream, Anousheh immigrated to the United States as a teenager who did not speak English. Anousheh dedicated her mission to creating public awareness for private spaceflight, inspiring youth to pursue their goals and promoting peace and understanding amongst nations. Like Dr. Olsen, Anousheh conducted experiments on behalf of the European Space Agency while she was in orbit. Anousheh became the first female private space explorer.

    “By reaching this dream I’ve had since childhood, I hope to tangibly demonstrate to young people all over the world that there is no limit to what they can accomplish.”

    — Anousheh Ansari

    Greg Olsen

    Launch date: October, 2005

    Time in space: 9 days

    Dr. Olsen read a New York Times article about Space Adventures’ plans for offering the private missions to the International Space Station. The article said that spaceflight participants would be able to take part as tourists, researchers, and explorers in these flight opportunities, and this captured Dr. Olsen’s imagination. While on orbit he communicated with students from his hometown via ham radio and took part in research on behalf of the European Space Agency.

    “As all astronauts tell you, whatever you think now, once you get up there, its better.” — Dr. Greg Olsen

    Mark Shuttleworth

    Launch date: April, 2002

    Time in space: 8 days

    Mark Shuttleworth wanted to be the first African to fly in space. An Internet entrepreneur, Shuttleworth turned to Space Adventures to realize his dream. Dedicating his flight to educating South African youth and conducting scientific research, Shuttleworth returned from space a national hero. He now shares his experience and the excitement it generates with students across Africa, inspiring the next generation of explorers.

    Mark conducted several experiments during his 10-day space flight. One experiment was the very first in the world to assess the impact of zero-gravity on the development of stem cells and embryos. Another was to determine the effect of microgravity on the cardiovascular system and muscles. A third was an attempt to crystallise HIV proteins in weightlessness in the hopes that, when X-rayed, they will give an accurate view of the virus structure. These experiments are being managed by world-class South African scientists from the Universities of Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Port Elizabeth, in collaboration with Russian space-science experts. More at

    “An experience like that changes your perspective on life and on the world.…”

    — Mark Shuttleworth

    Dennis Tito

    Dennis Tito

    Launch date: April 2001

    Time in space: 7 days

    Dennis Tito is the world’s first private space explorer. For him, the journey to space was the completion of a long-held dream. In the early ’70s, Tito left a job at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to pursue a career in finance, but he never stopped dreaming about spaceflight. Space Adventures helped Tito fulfill his life’s passion and make history by becoming the world’s first private citizen to fly to the International Space Station.

    “For me, it was like being in heaven — it was like being in a second life.” — Dennis Tito


    While the highlight is obviously the spaceflight itself, the training and preparation is a very rewarding experience in itself. Space Adventures will ensure you are appropriately trained and prepared using state of the art facilities, simulators and methods.


    The price of the spaceflight depends on a number of factors and the we are happy to discuss with you further.  Please contact us for details.