Charles Simonyi

Launch date: April 7, 2007 and March 26, 2009

Time in space: 25 daysAbout Charles and his spaceflight

Dr. Charles Simonyi began dreaming about spaceflight at an early age. Charles’ boyhood interest in space resulted in his selection as Hungary’s Jr. Astronaut at age 13, for which he won a trip to Moscow and met one of the first cosmonauts, Pavel Popovich. Today, Dr. Simonyi is a trained pilot in multi-engine aircraft with current licenses in jets and helicopters and more than 2,000 hours of flying time.

Dr. Simonyi’s goals for both his missions was to advance civilian space flight, assist space station research, and involve the world’s youth in the science of space travel. He is convinced that one day, humans will travel and live comfortably in space. Charles documented both his spaceflights extensively on his mission website,

“You know, every part had its highlights, and they just kept coming and coming. Arriving at the space station, for example. I knew that that would be magic, and it was beyond my wildest dreams.”

— Dr. Charles Simonyi