Relearning the Little Things: Astronauts’ Everyday Adventures While Living In Zero Gravity

See how our space explorers fared while going about their “normal” daily routines

With the thrill, adventure and prestige associated with traveling to space, it can be easy to forget that simple everyday tasks are made extraordinary. In zero gravity, ordinary functions such as bathing, eating and sleeping can feel like an adventure to astronauts. For the seven private space explorers that have flown with us, learning how to accomplish these tasks was taught alongside emergency drills and procedures.

Watch below to see how our astronauts coped with daily routines we take for granted:

Intergalactic Dining: Watch private astronaut Richard Garriott scoop his hot and sour soup like Jell-O, showing curious viewers how astronauts eat in zero gravity. Garriott traveled to the International Space Station in 2008.

Zero Gravity Grooming: Can you imagine if it took this long to wash your hair every morning? Anousheh Ansari, the first female private space explorer, shares her tedious routine aboard the ISS. While aboard the spacecraft, she also blogged, giving fans back on earth a glimpse into her experiences:

Drifting While Dreaming: Catching some ZZZs while floating may not seem like a difficult task but Richard Garriott tells us more about how those aboard the ISS must tether their sleeping bags to the floor or wall so they don’t float away!